cannabinno Budsorter Midi

Sorting blossoms made easy
  • budsorter midi
  • budsorter midi
  • budsorter midi
  • budsorter midi

Technical specifications

W 75 cm x L 170 cm x H 100 cm
125 kg
Power supply
230V / 6A

The cannabinno Budsorter Maxi can be installed in the trimming line directly after the cannabinno Trimmer Midi or Mixi. The trimmed flowers fall onto the cannabinno Budsorter’s conveyor system and are sorted into four different sizes.

The collection boxes can be exchanged quickly and easily. Due to the fully automatic flower sorting, you gain time and save resources in the processing process. The cannabinno Budsorter is available in two different sizes and is therefore suitable for any production size.


  • All components in contact with the product are made of FDA
  • Other components made of stainless chrome steel
  • Adjustable conveying speed
  • Four different sorting levels
  • 4000 – 5000 flowers/hour