cannabinno Buderator

The innovative harvest aid
  • buderator
  • cannabinno buderator
  • cannabinno buderator
  • cannabinno buderator
  • cannabinno buderator

Technical specifications

W 92 cm x L 110 cm x H 135 cm
170 kg
Slot size
4.5 cm x 30 cm
Power supply
230V / 6A
CE-certified according to machine guidelines

The cannabinno Buderator is an innovative harvesting aid in trimming preparation. The flowers are detached from the shoots semi-automatically and fall into a container at the front. Twigs and branches fall into a second box. The pressure of the leather clamp and the speed of the feed roller are adjustable. Both wet and dry plants can be processed.

The cannabinno Buderator is operated by means of a foot pedal. A worker only has to hold the individual shoots in the slot opening and as soon as they press the foot pedal, the leather bar clamps the shoot. This is then simultaneously pulled backwards by the feed roller. Due to the clamping effect of the leather bar, the flowers remain in front and are separated from the shoot. The process thus simulates stripping by hand. The process takes place faster and at a constant speed.


  • all parts in contact with the product are made of chrome steel
  • easy operation by foot pedal
  • clamp pressure and feed speed are adjustable
  • suitable for wet and dry processing
  • clean detachment of the flowers from the shoots
  • separate collection containers for flowers and twigs