cannabinno Feeder

Simply clever.
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Techn. specifications

Dimensions Feeder Midi
120 cm x 160 cm x 100 cm / weight 95 kg
Dimensions Feeder Midi 3000
120 cm x 300 cm x 100 cm / weight 135 kg
Power supply
230 V/6A

The cannabinno Feeder is made of chrome steel and equipped with a screw conveyor. The speed of the screw conveyor is adjustable. Up to four people can work on the feeder. The cannabis flowers loosened from the plant are put into the feeder, which then feeds them into the trimmer at a steady pace by means of the screw conveyor. Optionally, stripping plates can be mounted, which further increases its efficiency.


  • suitable for dry and wet processing
  • stainless chrome steel
  • can also be used as a soil filling device for cultivating pots