cannabinno PROpagator GROW

  • Propagator GROW
  • Propagator Humid control

Technische Spezifikationen

Dimensions (without control cabinet)
W 565 mm x L 1745 (1350) mm x H 1900 mm
Power supply
CE certified according to machine directives

The Cannabinno PROpagator enables automated propagation for any kind of cuttings such as for professional bud- as well as cloneproducers in the cannabis industry.

The cuttings receive the rest they need for the entire rooting period to develop healthy roots with a high success rate. Thanks to the integrated interval ventilation, you save precious working time, minimise stress during the whole period of propagation and find the right balance between fresh air and humidity.

The modular concept makes it possible to work with standardised Danish carts – known from professional horticulture. A single technical module can be used to ventilate several Danish carts, which makes this system very efficient.

The system works optimally at a room temperature of 23-27 degrees Celsius and a
room humidity between 45 and 65 %.


  • Modular setup
  • Concepted for standard products from the gardening supply
  • High tolerance in terms of temperature and air humidity
  • Swiss Made
  • 2 Jahre Garantie