cannabinno Conveyor Belt Maxi GROW

  • conveyor belt maxi
  • förderband maxi
  • förderband maxi
  • förderband maxi

Techn. specifications

Dimensions conveyor belt Maxi
W 57 cm x L 167 cm x H 55.5 – 70 cm
25 Kg
29.5 cm
Power supply
230V / 13AT
CE-certified according to machine guidelines
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Flexible material conveyor belts to further optimize your production processes.

We use the Conveyor Belts as a feeding belt to the trimmer, where it steadily feeds the buds into the drum during the trimming process. The quality of the trimming result is noticeably increased compared to manual feeding.

Even more popular are the Conveyor Belts as a quality control belt after the trimming process. With an additional LED lighting element above the conveyor belt, sorting out bad blooms becomes an easy and effective job.

Please contact us if you would like to go one step further and see an opportunity to optimize your production with an individually designed Conveyor Belt.


  • all parts in contact with the product FDA
  • adjustable inclination
  • adjustable conveying speed
  • uniform material feed
  • suitable for wet and dry processing
  • optionally convertible into a control belt