cannabinno DryFlow Midi

Extra gentle trimming for dried flowers
  • dryflow midi
  • dryflow midi
  • dryflow midi
  • dryflow midi
  • dryflow midi

Technical specifications

W 91 cm x L 288 cm x H 105 cm
250 kg
25 – 30 kg (dry)
Power supply
230V / 6A
CE-certified according to machine guidelines
2 years (excl. wear parts)

The cannabinno DryFlow Midi is ideal for processing dried hemp flowers. With a throughput of 25 – 30 kg per hour, the DryFlow processes entire harvests within a very short time.

Due to trimming without the use of cutting knives, the flowers are trimmed gently and a clean result is achieved. Both the rotation speed of the drum and the angle of inclination are individually adjustable and can be read off the available displays. For this purpose, there are three separating elements with adjustable openings inside the drum. The larger these openings are set, the faster the material passes through the drum. This makes it possible to control and adjust the flowers’ flow very precisely.

As a result of this ingenious engineering, the material is processed in an efficient flow-through process and no longer in batches – the entire quantity to be processed can thus be trimmed in one pass. In the drum, which is about 2.5 m long, the trim is separated from the flowers and ejected separately.

All parts in contact with the product are made of chrome steel and noise emissions are very low at 70dB.


  • flow-through method for fast and efficient processing
  • adjustable tilt angle
  • adjustable rotation speed
  • adjustable separating elements
  • all components in contact with the product are made of chrome steel
  • separate collection containers for flowers and twigs