cannabinno DryEx Mini

Trimming, screening, drying
  • dryflow mini
  • dryflow mini

Technical specifications

W 72 cm x L 246 cm x H 90 cm
160 kg
20 kg (dry)
Power supply
230V / 6A

The cannabinno DryFlow Mini is the smallest in our new range of continuous dry trimmers. The high throughput – and the high demand from customers – have prompted us to develop and produce a smaller version. Now smaller farms can also enjoy the benefits of continuous dry trimming.

Due to its double drum, flowers and trim residues are separated from each other during the trimming process and fall out of the drum cleanly separated at the front. Apart from its size and throughput, everything is identical to the DryFlow Midi.

As in the case of wet trimmers, even smaller farms can work at a constant flow rate using this product without tedious shaking or lengthy changing of drums.


  • all parts in contact with the product made of chrome steel
  • adjustable angle of inclination and rotation speed
  • adjustable separating elements
  • flow-through and non-batch processing
  • separate collection boxes for flowers and trim residues