cannabinno Feeder Flex Grow

Efficient CBD trimming through automated feeding

  • Spital Conveyor Belt cannabinno
  • feeder flex
  • feeder flex
  • feeder flex
  • feeder flex

Technical specifications

Dimensions Feeder Flex
W 82 cm x L 175 cm x H 127cm
70 kg
Power supply
230V / 13AT
Screw conveyor
CE certified according to machine directives

The cannabinno Feeder Flex is made of stainless chrome steel, equipped with a feed screw and height adjustable. Another step towards automation, the constant feeding of flowers to the trimmer.

The feeder feeds wet or dry flowers uniformly into the trimmer at a constant speed. The Feeder Flex is adjusted to the Trimmer Midi and feeds it with the favored quantity du to its adjustable speed.

Experience shows that a single employee can fill up to three trimming lines alone, with perfect trimming results. The increase in efficiency speaks by itself.


  • All product touching parts made by chrome steel
  • Fastest cleaning
  • Adjustable in height
  • Modern control unit
  • Multi-purpose
    e.g.: for grazing or bagging
  • Solid construction
  • 2 years warranty
  • Swiss Made