cannabinno Swisstrimmer 4×4

Top efficiency and quality without a break
  • Swisstrimmer 4x4
  • Swisstrimmer 4x4
  • Swisstrimmer 4x4
  • Swisstrimmer 4x4
  • Swisstrimmer 4x4

Technical specifications

Dimensions Feeder Flex
W 92 cm x L 117 cm x H 89 cm
125 kg
Power supply
230V / 6A
CE-certified according to machine guidelines

The cannabinno Swisstrimmer line consists of two models – with a single or quadruple work surface. The large propellers create a strong vacuum which sucks the wet leaves of the freshly cut plants through the chrome steel grate and separates them cleanly.

The high quality of this machine guarantees a long running time and is designed to be safe for workers. Thorough cleaning is recommended after each use. Pre-trimming with the cannabinno Swisstrimmer significantly increases both quality and throughput when trimming. By removing the wet leaves beforehand, less residue remains in the wet trimmer, which also increases the running time. The wet trimmer can be cleaned at longer intervals.


  • all parts in contact with the product made of stainless chrome steel
  • four blades made of stainless blade steel
  • safety switch
  • adjustable tachometer
  • one collection bag for trim cuttings


cannabinno Swisstrimmer

Trim preparation for the highest efficiency and quality

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