cannabino Trimmer Mixi

Maximum throughput with highest quality
  • trimmer mixi
  • trimmer mixi
  • trimmer mixi

Technical specifications

W 105 cm x L 116 cm x H 126 cm
270 kg
Throughput (depending on the throughput material)
wet: 80 – 100 kg / hour
Power supply
400V / 16A
CE-certified according to machine guidelines

The cannabinno Trimmer Mixi is the latest development among cannabinno’s wet trimmers. Large-scale producers can rejoice, as the cannabinno trimmer mixi is equipped with four rotating and stator blades. It trims 80 – 100 kg of freshly cut flowers per hour. This high throughput and precise cutting will impress every user.

The cannabinno trimmer mixi is set up in a double row like the cannabinno trimmer midi. The suction system can be connected to up to three cannabinno trimmer mixi. The large, 400 mm drum diameter guarantees an optimal flower distribution, which thus always glide over the four trimmer blades and have direct blade contact.

Here too, all parts that come into contact with the product are made of chrome steel. Due to its simple construction, the cannabinno trimmer mixi can be cleaned very quickly. The machine is robust and durable.


  • all parts in contact with the product made of chrome steel
  • four blades made of stainless blade steel
  • top quality with simple and robust technology
  • highest throughput
  • easy cleaning

cannabinno Trimmer Mixi

This ideal trimmer for large-scale processing is fitted with eight blades made from specially hardened blade steel and a larger drum. For more throughput and even higher quality.

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cannabinno Trimmer Midi

The classic for maximum-performance, constant throughput and reliable operation.

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cannabinno Trimmer Mini

This reliable cannabis trimmer, made in Switzerland, doesn’t take up much room on a table and is suitable for dry and wet flowers.

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