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Cannabis Trimming service

We provide on our trimm center, logistics, preparation for trimming, trimming service, CO₂ extraction and more, packing and waste management. We have the highest quality and the greatest discretion.

Our services


cannabis trim center logistics cannabinno trimming

– Transports and logistics
– Sales and shipping support
– Issuing import and export documents
– Packaging in small or bulk bags
– Labeling according to customer requirements


cannabis trim service logistics cannabinno trimming

– Drying service
– Analyses
– Dry extraction (if there is an order from a pharmaceutical company)


cannabis trim center logistics cannabinno trimming

– Whole plant processing by machine or by hand
– Trimming of pre-cut material
– Hand processing of flowers (topfinish)
– Buds sorting
– CO2 Extraction


cannabis trim service logistics cannabinno trimming

– Pelletizing
– Storage of finished flowers and biomass
– Biomass production from whole plants
– Biomass sieving and sorting

Our Motivation

Since our start with the development and construction of cannabis processing plants in 2019, our goal has been to find solutions for new processes to realize flower grafting in a cost effective and clean way.

Due to the price development on the CBD market, we came up with the idea to offer our customers the machine processing of their plants in a trimming center, as a service. This includes, for example, cannabis trimming, CO₂ extraction, flower sorting and many other refinement steps.

In the beginning we started working on a small area and with some provisional solutions, we completed the first orders, gained experience and optimized machines and processes. Word quickly spread about the added value of these services, and they were very well received. With the trimming center, we are able to offer a full service to our satisfied customers.From the cutting of the plant to the packed flower.

Your advantages

  • No downtime in the growing space
  • Constant quality
  • Sales channels available
  • Processing capacity up to 500 kg/day
  • We know our machines best
  • It’s our daily business
  • No machinery costs
  • No personnel or recruitment costs
  • Transparent processes

Our Infrastructure

On more than 1200 m², an experienced team operates a drying room and a trimming center with large, modern machinery out of the cannabinno fleet.

  • Wet trimmer: cannabinno maxi, midi
  • Dry trimmer: cannabinno Dryflow, conditioner
  • Straining and sorting: cannabinno Vibrosorter and Budsorter

Additionally, we benefit from our development partner, adec solutions GmbH, which provides up to 500 m² of storage space and all necessary infrastructure for a smoth operation and maintenance of the plant.

Processing power
Production area

Your Chance

What do I have to do to benefit from these services ?

Visit us in our Swiss service center and/or send us a sample of your *flowers in the condition you can constantly supply us.

As a second step we will come back to you and discuss the details necessary to achieve the degree of finishing you require. Finally, you will receive your individual offer for the best service.

Your flower processing service provider – cannabinno

*In Switzerland, plants with THC<1% are legal. Delivered plants are also checked for mould and pest infestation.

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